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Draw Betting Explained

What Is Draw Betting?

Probably, you have already learned that in a number of sports, bookmakers allow punters to stake not only on home/away wins but also on a draw. Most often, ties are observed in soccer games, though hockey, basketball, handball, or American football matches can also result in a share of the points. Bets on draw usually have higher odds compared to wagers placed on either side to win. However, most bettors tend to avoid draw betting, as they believe this kind of prediction is less likely to work (hence the higher coefficients). In fact, with a smart draw betting strategy at hand, a bettor can get a stable profit in the long run even when winning at least one time out of three.

Best Draw Betting Strategies

To successfully bet draws, a punter should build a system of choosing both events and teams, which allows raising the chance of hitting a draw higher than the average of 33.3%. And here are some draw betting tips on how to make it:

  • Gain insight into motivation. As a rule, the probability of a draw increases in a match where at least one team is not motivated to risk for gaining just one more point. The fear to lose the game is greater than the desire to win. Usually, this is true for mediocre teams with well-organized defense, weak attacks, and the main tournament task aimed at not getting out.
  • Look for fewer goals. A low-scoring team is a real catch for those who want to bet draws. It can score poorly because of various reasons, starting from conservative tactics of the team’s coach and ending with a loss of its leading scorer. Anyway, if a match is played between teams that are short on goals, it is easier to predict a draw.
  • Consider a consistent draw pattern. Try and spot tie series – some teams tend to end matches in a draw more often than others during a season. This can come of the current poor physical condition of the main players, weak line-up, or specific tactics used for different events (when teams struggle to win home games and avoid losing away matches).
  • Learn past results. It is smart to bet on draws based on results shown by teams in the previous rounds of a season. This can give an overall view of their approach, motivation, capabilities, and other factors to keep in mind when trying to predict a tie.
  • Think of the progressive draw betting strategy. If you are familiar with the famous Martingale method frequently used in some casino games, you can apply it to draw betting. Though in its sports betting variant you will need to raise a wager by only 50% instead of 100%, it can still require quite a bunch of money to implement the strategy.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of the Draw Betting Strategy?

The pros and cons of draw betting are clearly interrelated. On the one hand, draws are not uncommon, especially in soccer. By deploying some efforts, you can spot a league or a club with the percentage of draws even higher than that of victories. At the same time, odds for a tie are usually high and rarely fall below 3.0.
The downside of any draw betting strategy is that bookmakers are pros in assessing risks, and if they set such odds, they have almost no doubt that a tie is unlikely. That’s why it makes sense to be on the safe side with alternative betting methods.

What Are Alternative Strategies for Bets On Draw?

  • Betting on handicap draws. Instead of placing a typical 3-way bet, you can stake on a handicap (0:1 or 0:2).
  • Betting on a draw in the 1st half. Since the initial part of matches often has a slower course, you can avail of this chance.
  • Bets on draw in system bets. Integrating draws into your system bets will reduce risks to lose money while increasing possible profit.

How to Make a Bet on a Draw on Parimatch

Let’s see how you can place bets on ties when playing online on Parimatch, which is licensed to operate legally in Tanzania and across Africa. You can do it on Parimatch’s official website and in its betting app (the application features the full functionality of the desktop version). Start with soccer games, since ties are most frequent here.

    • Register with Parimatch and log in.
    • Choose pre-match betting by clicking on Sports or opt for Live Events.

How to Make a Bet on a Draw on Parimatch

    • Press Football and select a league and a match.

Press Football and select a league and a match

    • Click on the game to see all possible selections.
    • Click on the draw odds (X) to add the selection to the betslip.

adding game

    • Continue adding games until you’re satisfied and choose a bet type (single, parlay, or system).

adding games

  • Specify your bet amount and press Place Bet to confirm your wager. Good luck!