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How Does Betslip Work?

Tanzania is known as a pioneer in the gambling industry across Africa thanks to the legalization of gambling activities back in 1992. As for now, casinos, slot machines, sports betting, and lotteries are all allowed in the country as well as online gambling. However, online betting operators available in Tanzania are still scarce in number. Probably, that’s why local punters are more familiar with land-based shops’ routine than with electronic tools provided by gambling websites – betslips in particular.

Parimatch is one of the few bookmakers licensed to operate across Africa, including in Tanzania. It gives access to both sports betting shops and a dedicated online platform targeted at Tanzanian gamblers. The operator also provides a betting app for Android and iOS-powered devices, available in many regions covered by Parimatch’s license. Moreover, the bookmaker is currently developing an application tailored to the Tanzanian market specifically. Whichever platform you choose for betting, you will need to cope with its betslip tool, and we are going to explain why and how.

What Is a Betslip and How Does It Work?

Parimatch’s betslip is a kind of electronic form. It’s displayed on the right side of a screen whenever a bettor enters the main page or the site’s sections designed for sports betting, both pre-match and live.

How Does Betslip Work

It contains all the essential information about any bet placed:

  • Bet type (single, parlay, or system)
  • Event
  • Odds
  • Possible payout
  • Bet option (3-way, double chance, handicap, total, etc.)
  • Stake amount
  • Tax deduction
  • Total earning
  • Minimum bet amount

The betslip works similar to those printed tickets bettors fill out when placing bets at brick-and-mortar betting shops. They are required to formalize a deal between a bookie and a punter – the latter specifies customized parameters of a stake and the former registers them to ensure abidance by the terms.
An electronic betslip serves the same goal – a bettor needs to fill it out for a bet to be accepted by an online bookie. Once the player confirms making the wager, the specified parameters are forwarded to a processing center, and the person gets an electronic receipt in his or her account where it can be easily checked if needed.

What Does “Add to Betslip” Mean?

Adding a selection to Parimatch’s betslip is easy and requires only a few simple steps:

  • Click on the Sports section if you want to choose pre-match betting or the Live Events icon if you prefer betting during a game.
  • Choose the kind of sport you are interested in.
  • Choose an event by country, league, championship, or other available parameters. You will be shown the time and date of the competition, its participants, and the main odds.
  • Click on the event to see all possible selections and choose an outcome you see fit.
  • Press the corresponding coefficient and see the selection displayed in your betslip.

You can continue selecting events to wager on, and they will be added to the betslip until you finish and press Place Bet. Later, you will be able to check it in your account.
However, you won’t be able to place bets on the Parimatch site or in its application for Tanzania if you are not registered with the bookmaker. Also, you will need to deposit some money to your account prior to plunging into sports betting.

How to Use the Betslip on Parimatch through the Example of Soccer Events

  • Tip 1

We have the highest odds for away victory in the Sao Paulo vs Fortaleza CE game, so we’ll click on the 6.10 coefficient to see all the required calculations made in the betslip – if we wager the minimum of 300 TZS and Fortaleza outscores, we’ll win 1,524 TZS upon tax deduction.

Parimatch’s betslip 1

  • Tip 2

We can easily turn the single bet into a combined one by adding a wager on Rennes beating Lille and selecting Parlay in the betslip. In this case, the odds will be multiplied, and we can win more money if guessing the outcomes of both events correctly.

Parimatch’s betslip 2

  • Tip 3

By adding Borussia’s victory over Bayern to our selections, we will be able to pick System. This will decrease the risk of losing money if one of the outcomes fails to come true, but we’ll still have a chance to earn a greater prize.

Parimatch’s betslip 3