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How to Make a Bet on Virtual Soccer

Modern sports betting is not only about traditional sports. Technological development has triggered the emergence of new betting markets where artificial intelligence and computer algorithms rule the roost. We are speaking about virtual sports, which mimic popular games like football, basketball, tennis, or racing, with virtual soccer being the hottest among them.

What Is Virtual Soccer in Betting?

With the help of computer technology, it is now possible to simulate football matches and championships. Virtual football is a simulation, which is very much similar to slots and other casino games played online. The common thing about them is that they are based on a special program shaping the course of the game and generating its results. No real people are engaged here – the scenario of each match is created by neural networks with the use of special mathematical models.

It is impossible to predict the result of virtual soccer games like punters would do with real competitions (by analyzing a team’s motivation, physical condition, line-up, and other factors). Virtual soccer betting is actually based on the Random Number Generator technology, though the AI behind it can be smart enough to take into account various factors derived from real-life football.

However, this doesn’t mean that bookmakers are bound to win at all times or that they can interfere with the outcomes somehow. In fact, similar to slots, virtual soccer emulators are developed by certain providers, such as Betradar, LEAP, Scout Gaming, GoldenRace, and others. The listed developers use computer technologies to analyze player behavior and deliver an exciting experience to meet punters’ expectations. They also provide a well-arranged structure behind their simulations, with groups, rounds, standings, league performance, and other attributes of real football events.

Virtual soccer betting

So, what are the main peculiarities of virtual soccer betting?

  • No team or league here is a true copy of any real club or championship.
  • Virtual matches are played nonstop and available 24/7.
  • Each match lasts a couple of minutes with only highlights shown on the screen (goals, chances, near misses, yellow cards, etc.).
  • You can make a pre-match bet almost until the last seconds before a game.
  • Bets are settled as soon as a match ends.

The advantages of virtual soccer betting are obvious – punters don’t need to wait for a season to begin and can lay a stake whenever they want without even proper learning the teams’ background. The downsides are clear as well – it’s a game of chance, not skills, so the outcomes are quite tricky to predict, and it’s easy to lose your wager.

How to Read Virtual Soccer Odds on Parimatch

Parimatch is one of the few bookies licensed to operate across Africa. It provides a dedicated online platform for bettors in Tanzania along with a betting app available for iOS and Android. Parimatch’s virtual soccer options are accessible via both site and application. The algorithms behind the emulators are delivered by the most reputable providers in the field – Betradar, LEAP, and GoldenRace.

Virtual Soccer Odds on Parimatch

You can place single, multiple, and system bets and choose among many betting lines, such as:

  • 1×2 – home team wins/draw/away team wins;
  • Total goals – the number of goals scored in a match by both teams (it can be over or under a figure specified by the bookmaker);
  • Double chance – betting on two possible outcomes within one bet;
  • Handicap – betting on a team to end a game with a certain difference in goals (can be a positive or negative number as well as equivalent to zero);
  • Correct score – the exact number of goals in a game.

How to Read Virtual Soccer Odds on Parimatch

Decimal numbers given for each selection indicate odds – the higher the coefficients, the more money you can win. At the same time, great odds imply the low probability of the outcome.

The Difference Between Pre-Match and Live Betting Odds in Virtual Soccer

As mentioned earlier, Parimatch gives access to both pre-match and in-play betting for punters from Tanzania. In real football betting, pre-match odds are quite stable, though they can fluctuate depending on circumstances, such as a player’s injury or some kind of disciplinary suspension. Live odds can change drastically as a game goes, giving punters a nice chance to win big if spotting the trend correctly.

However, it doesn’t work this way for virtual soccer betting since games here are based on RNG, and the bookie cannot adjust live odds in the course of the game.

How to Make a Bet on Virtual Soccer on Parimatch

Bettors from Africa can easily stake on virtual football events upon registration at Parimatch:

    • Choose Virtuals in the Menu tab or the header.

How to Make a Bet on Virtual Soccer on Parimatch

    • Click on the Football icon to see options available from different providers.
    • Select a simulator and explore its lines.

Virtual Soccer on Parimatch

  • Add a bet to your betslip by clicking on the odds.
  • Enter an amount you want to bet and place the bet.


You can take virtual soccer as a fun kind of slots, but many punters believe it is possible to spot a pattern here to win consistently. Note that you can avail of a demo mode to learn how virtual soccer betting works without any risk to lose your money.