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What Is a Round Robin Bet?

Parlays can be viewed as the most exciting type of bets among betting options offered by Parimatch for bettors in Tanzania. Indeed, by collecting a number of single bets, one can end up with a nice pack of odds stacked together to deliver a huge win. Thanks to the increased coefficient, even a small wager can bring a decent money prize, which means that you don’t need a hefty bankroll to try your luck at parlays. Constructing them seems to be much more profitable and fun than playing for small stakes, doesn’t it?
On the flip side, parlays are a way riskier since bettors need to hit all the events within the bet for it to pay off. Meanwhile, many punters from Africa are unaware of a smart alternative they have, which is round robin sports betting.

What Is a Round Robin Bet?

The name came to sports betting from a tournament system where games are played between all the contestants within a tournament as opposed to knockout tournaments. For example, if 3 teams participate in a competition, the tournament table will look like this:

  • Team 1 vs Team 2
  • Team 1 vs Team 3
  • Team 2 vs Team 3

Round robin in betting is rather similar to this approach – instead of stuffing all the outcomes you want to wager on into one parley bet, you create several parlays. Each of them includes a number of events so that the parleys could cover all the desired outcomes. In its simplest version, a round robin bet involves 2-team parlays (just like it’s shown above) and at least 3 lines, which can be anything from moneyline bets to totals.
However, bettors are not limited to this option and can invent multiple series of various sizes as long as their betting app or web-platform allows them to do that. Regardless of the number of teams they choose to back, the main idea behind the round robin strategy is the same – to break down one parlay into smaller portions while covering all the possible combinations.

How Does a Round Robin Bet Work for Sports Betting?

Well, the question remains why you would take the trouble to switch to round robin sports betting instead of sticking to safe singles or playing high with usual parlays. The first option is quite boring because coefs won’t add up there to bring striking wins even if all your stakes win. The second way is dicey, as one single incorrect prediction within a parley will lead you to disaster. That’s where a round robin bet can be a happy middle ground.
When you place a round robin bet, it is still a parley, meaning that all the odds within it are multiplied to give you a higher coef compared with singles. Yes, the odds will be lower than in usual parlays, but the risks are also reduced. If you fail to predict correctly one or another outcome, you will lose only the amount wagered on the combinations comprising the unfortunate events. No matter how many of your predictions will go wrong, you won’t be left penniless provided that at least one of them clicks. Keep in mind that failed events may not be those with the highest odds among all your combinations. Besides, there is always a chance for all your predicted outcomes to come true and bring you a decent amount.

Pros and Cons of Round Robin Strategy for Sports Betting

Now when we have the essence of round robin explained, let’s consider the virtues and shortcomings of using this strategy in online and offline betting.
You can opt for round robins if you want to:

  • spread out the risk. Obviously, it makes no sense to shift to round robins if you are dead sure in your predictions, but it’s rarely the case in sports betting. Remember that with this strategy applied, you can lose everything only if all your outcomes turn out to be wrong.
  • play for low stakes. You don’t need a huge bankroll to get a nice profit when sticking to the simple 2-team round robin sports betting.

However, things change drastically with the number of events chosen for betting. When placing a 4 team round robin bet, for example, you will need to construct six 2-way parlays or four 3-way bets, which involves a greater bankroll. Besides, it’s easy to make a hash of so many combinations. Luckily, you can find an application or a web-service specifically designed to calculate round robins – there is a choice of them on the Internet in addition to similar tools provided by bookies on their sports betting platforms. On the other hand, bookies often impose certain conditions on round robins, thus affecting the flexibility in creating promising combinations.
Anyway, some bettors may find analyzing and creating round robins too complicated, so it is advisable to start with the easiest 3-line option.

Round Robin Bet Example

Well, let’s see how a round robin bet may look like with 3 teams chosen for betting:

  • Bayern Munich vs Schalke 04
  • VfB Stuttgart vs SC Freiburg
  • Eintracht Frankfurt vs Arminia Bielefeld

Here is your regular parlay in this case:
How Does a Round Robin Bet Work for Sports Betting

In the round robin world, the parlay will split like this:

  • Bayern Munich win + SC Freiburg win
  • Bayern Munich win + Eintracht Frankfurt win
  • Eintracht Frankfurt win + SC Freiburg win

If Bayern loses, two of your bets will perish, but you can still land in the black due to SC Freiburg’s high odds.

Alternative Round Robin Bets

As was already mentioned, you can experiment with creating multiple combinations including up to 8-10 events, with 2-6 outcomes stuffed into each portion. Your opportunities depend on the bookie’s conditions and your own skills in analyzing bookmakers’ lines and odds as well as sports statistics.


Round robin sports betting is surely worth your attention if you are a novice to the world of parleys but still want to go after big wins. That said, experienced bettors are also interested in this strategy, though giving preference to more sophisticated combinations.