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What Is An Asian Handicap Betting?

Asian handicap may seem to be the trickiest of betting markets offered by Parimatch for punters in Tanzania. In reality, it’s one of the most interesting options in sports betting since it allows for eliminating a draw. This reduces the number of outcomes to only two possibilities as opposed to typical 3-way betting, thus increasing your chances of winning to fifty-fifty. So, if you manage to understand how Asian handicaps work, you will be able to employ a more flexible and much safer approach to betting on football.

What Is an Asian Handicap?

Originated from the Indonesian gambling market (hence the name), Asian handicaps have grown popular among European audiences, including both bookies and bettors. The first ones can offer more balanced odds for matches with obvious favorites and create a more exciting betting environment for punters. To this end, they add some number of goals to an underdog, meaning that a favorite would need to cover this gap for actually winning the bet.
What makes this spread option a bit complicated is that an Asian bet involves decimals. But this is exactly the thing that shut out a tie – no team can score half a goal. When betting on whole numbers, you can still get a draw after handicap values are applied. In traditional 3-way betting, you would lose your stake if backing any outcome other than a tie. Asian lines allow for getting a refund depending on the type of Asian handicap, which is why they’re so popular among punters.

How Does Asian Handicap Work?

Let’s get it explained through the example of a match between Barcelona and Eibar. Eibar is obviously the weakest among the teams, so it is assigned 2 handicap goals (+2.00) before the game. You can view it as the game starting with the initial score of 0:2. So, if you choose to back the underdog, your bet can lose only upon Barça winning by 3+ goals to bridge the difference. However, if the match ends with a score of 2:0 or any other outcome within the same 2-goal gap, this leads to a push, and your stake will be refunded.

What Are Asian Handicap Half and Quarter Lines?

Well, the above explanation refers to whole numbers, but what about fractions? Though fewer online and land-based bookies offer alternative options for punters in Africa, you can still find half and quarter lines available through Parimatch’s site and application.
As mentioned earlier, soccer teams cannot score half-goals, so a push is completely removed from possible outcomes within half lines. This means no refund, but the odds are predictably higher in this market.
Quarter lines are very much different from all the described above. An Asian handicap divisible by 0.25 is actually divided into 2 wagers – an equal part of the amount goes to each of the closest 0.25 intervals.

Asian Handicap Example

Does this sound too confusing? You can understand everything better if provided with the example. Let’s say in a match between Tottenham and Brighton, the second team would have a handicap of +0.75. You would support Brighton with $100, and your stake would be divided into +0.5 and +1 wagers (the closest to +0.75 if 0.25 is added or subtracted).

  • If Brighton draws or wins, both halves of the bet win.
  • If Brighton loses by 1 goal, half of your bet (+1) will be returned, and the other half (+0.5) will lose.
  • If Brighton is left behind by 2 or more goals, say goodbye to all your money.

In a half-line scenario for the same teams, we would have, say, +1.5 for Brighton. Then we would get the following possibilities:

  • Brighton wins or draws, and your bet would turn out to be successful.
  • Brighton’s defeat with a 1-goal margin would also end in your winning due to the half-goal advantage.
  • Brighton’s loss by 2 or more goals would mean you wasted your money.

Alternative Asian Handicap Lines on Parimatch

Sure, we have provided only general examples of the whole, half, and quarter handicaps available in sports betting. Some bookies offer lavish handicap selections, though it’s not that common due to the relatively low margin. However, bettors from Tanzania can find Asian lines on Parimatch’s site or in its betting app, including halves and quarters. Just click on a soccer event, choose All to see the entire list of options available, and search for the Asian Handicap icon to explore odds.
Alternative Asian Handicap Lines on Parimatch


Asian handicap betting promises many advantages for punters from Africa – it provides higher odds compared with a simple “win or lose” outcome coupled with higher chances of winning thanks to eliminating draws. Splitting wagers also works toward securing bettors against losing more funds than they would expect. So, if you happened to understand how this betting works, it’s time to apply it to practice!